“I’m newly remote under coronavirus, AMA” panel at #LeadDevLive

As part of #LeadDevLive, a 2-day virtual conference for engineering leaders, I was honored to host a panel as moderator where we discussed how we are all shifting to working remotely due to shelter-in-place orders related to COVID-19. It was my first time moderating a panel. White October Events, the conference organizer, was excellent about helping us all prepare and making the conference experience seamless.

All of the talks have been posted to YouTube, and you can fast forward right to our panel below (though I definitely recommend checking out all the other sessions – they were great!).

I thoroughly enjoyed talking with my panelists: Alexandra Paredes, VP of Engineering at Code Climate; Chris Alden, who’s a hands-on developer and strategic technical architect at Work & Co; and Adrian Cruz, who’s a senior software engineer working on backend systems as a product engineer for e-commerce at Glossier.

We could see the engagement with folks on slack as we went along, as well as afterward in “office hours” where we addressed specific questions. There were over 3000 people in the conference slack channel – amazing! You can review the participant engagement and takeaways on Twitter through the #LeadDevLive hashtag.

With a lot of in-person conferences cancelled for 2020, I’m relieved and optimistic that we can find more and more of these learning opportunities presented virtually.

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