Interview: Amazing Women in Tech

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Ari Font (@quicola), Director of Engineering in Twitter’s Cortex ML Platform (and our New York Site Lead) recently for her #AmazingWomeninTech series, which she kicked off as part of International Women’s Day in March.

Interview topics include:


At the end, I #turnthetables and ask Ari about how she thinks about mentoring and finding time to support under represented folks in tech.

The questions really made me think about success, privilege, and leadership. I found it a worthwhile exercise to practice articulating my thoughts in these areas.

I also highly recommend tuning in to other interviews so far in this series: Jessie Link, Sr. Director of Engineering at Twitter, and Nikkia Reveillac, Director of Revenue Research at Twitter. I feel so lucky to work with these incredible women leaders!

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