Why it’s not about your good intentions.

I have had three conversations this very week where I shared direct feedback on problematic behavior, and the theme of the responses has been the same: But that person has good intentions. He/she didn't mean it. He/she just has a rough/tough/{insert cultural reference here} personality. He/she is just misunderstood. He/she is just so passionate about... Continue Reading →

Self-reflection on inclusion and diversity

Given national advocacy for the #blacklivesmatter movement, I'm hearing a lot of folks looking for ways to increase their allyship.   I took some time to reflecting on my own efforts and considered them against Twitter's published Inclusion & Diversity Report.   Previous published targets have aimed to increase workforce representation for under-represented minorities, specifically... Continue Reading →

Interview: Amazing Women in Tech

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Ari Font (@quicola), Director of Engineering in Twitter's Cortex ML Platform (and our New York Site Lead) recently for her #AmazingWomeninTech series, which she kicked off as part of International Women's Day in March. Interview topics include: #yourstory #whatmakesyouyou #yourhurdles #gratitude #success #privilege #empathy #leadership #covid19 At... Continue Reading →

Remote Work Guide

Amazing timely content: The Holloway Guide to Remote Work. I contributed as a reviewer and can say this is the only guide you need for recruiting, managing, supporting, and just being a remote worker. You can tell Holloway has been developing this content for months. And because of the web format, you can search for... Continue Reading →

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