Discernment for a Big Career Move

About a year ago, in July 2021, I'd been leading my group at Twitter, Infrastructure Automation, for three years as a director. We'd formed new teams for managing both on-prem and public cloud infrastructure, tripled our size, promoted amazing and diverse individuals, delivered on board-reviewed initiatives and were involved in acquisitions and contracts worth anywhere... Continue Reading →

Crash Course in Crisis Management

Sometime in April 2022, I realized I needed to invest in some significant development of my crisis management skills. I had the book The Splendid and the Vile on my reading list, recommended to me as not just a history lesson about London during the Blitz, but a great book on leadership as well. It... Continue Reading →

Six years at Twitter, 2016-2022 – Part 3

#OneTeam happiness https://twitter.com/kathleencodes/status/1217704325679632385?s=20u0026amp;t=6vIKjQkg3XNF64xkAMh00g https://twitter.com/kathleencodes/status/1217820749253238784?s=20u0026amp;t=6vIKjQkg3XNF64xkAMh00g https://twitter.com/kathleencodes/status/1217539474302865409?s=20u0026amp;t=6vIKjQkg3XNF64xkAMh00g https://twitter.com/kathleencodes/status/1218037858642092032?s=20u0026amp;t=6vIKjQkg3XNF64xkAMh00g Working with globally distributed teams https://twitter.com/kathleencodes/status/1217518525616676864?s=20u0026amp;t=6vIKjQkg3XNF64xkAMh00g Amazing engineers https://twitter.com/kathleencodes/status/1218093651152252928?s=20u0026amp;t=6vIKjQkg3XNF64xkAMh00g https://twitter.com/kathleencodes/status/1217699557351530497?s=20u0026amp;t=6vIKjQkg3XNF64xkAMh00g TwitterForGood https://twitter.com/kathleencodes/status/1217960399557009409?s=20u0026amp;t=6vIKjQkg3XNF64xkAMh00g Helping send people to TED https://twitter.com/kathleencodes/status/1217698660357681152?s=20u0026amp;t=6vIKjQkg3XNF64xkAMh00g Crossing paths at multiple companies https://twitter.com/kathleencodes/status/1217466750142468096?s=20u0026amp;t=6vIKjQkg3XNF64xkAMh00g Getting teased by our head of engineering https://twitter.com/kathleencodes/status/1217610204646383619?s=20u0026amp;t=6vIKjQkg3XNF64xkAMh00g Blackbirds events https://twitter.com/kathleencodes/status/1225114031326822400?s=20u0026amp;t=6vIKjQkg3XNF64xkAMh00g Covid usage spike, reliability, and service continuity https://twitter.com/kathleencodes/status/1243603795147280384?s=20u0026amp;t=6vIKjQkg3XNF64xkAMh00g https://twitter.com/kathleencodes/status/1243622713152778240?s=20u0026amp;t=6vIKjQkg3XNF64xkAMh00g Contributing to the Remote Work... Continue Reading →

Six years at Twitter, 2016-2022 – Part 2

Visting Twitter NYC and attending #SRECon https://twitter.com/kathleencodes/status/1110382711309512704?s=20u0026amp;t=oFwprI2s_NLA-QjmbDOUTA https://twitter.com/kathleencodes/status/1111109802569154560?s=20u0026amp;t=oFwprI2s_NLA-QjmbDOUTA Escape Rooms https://twitter.com/kathleencodes/status/1106724329687937024?s=20u0026amp;t=oFwprI2s_NLA-QjmbDOUTA Working with GCP as one of our cloud vendors https://twitter.com/kathleencodes/status/1104156028407472128?s=20u0026amp;t=oFwprI2s_NLA-QjmbDOUTA Director’s offsite in Colorado https://twitter.com/kathleencodes/status/1118733544682086401?s=20u0026amp;t=oFwprI2s_NLA-QjmbDOUTA WomEM dinners https://twitter.com/kathleencodes/status/1131400852688650240?s=20u0026amp;t=oFwprI2s_NLA-QjmbDOUTA TwitterForGood https://twitter.com/kathleencodes/status/1129502110226292737?s=20u0026amp;t=oFwprI2s_NLA-QjmbDOUTA https://twitter.com/kathleencodes/status/1129496756842971137?s=20u0026amp;t=oFwprI2s_NLA-QjmbDOUTA Director offsite at the Zen center https://twitter.com/kathleencodes/status/1136482842479738880?s=20u0026amp;t=6vIKjQkg3XNF64xkAMh00g Deprecating and deleting old software https://twitter.com/kathleencodes/status/1144273934210277377?s=20u0026amp;t=6vIKjQkg3XNF64xkAMh00g Surviving major outages https://twitter.com/kathleencodes/status/1149694840835207169?s=20u0026amp;t=6vIKjQkg3XNF64xkAMh00g Supporting eng apprentices https://twitter.com/kathleencodes/status/1149101286614110209?s=20u0026amp;t=6vIKjQkg3XNF64xkAMh00g Lots of... Continue Reading →

I belay you, you belay me.

In April, I became a fellow with American Leadership Forum Silicon Valley. ALF has a long history of creating courageous, diverse networks of cross sector leaders who are working towards an equitable and thriving Silicon Valley. I'm honored to have been nominated and to be able to participate (thanks Twitter!). We meet once a month... Continue Reading →

How I’m celebrating Women’s History Month

Google Cloud invited me to participate in their programming for International Women's Day 2022 to celebrate women in technology and business. The theme this year is #BreakTheBias. I shared my thoughts on Women's History Month in this video from @googlecloud - and what I'm doing to celebrate. https://twitter.com/googlecloud/status/1506996847075856388?s=20&t=Ke7r4X4aLJ1LHBNwjknDpQ https://youtu.be/Yi5Wr5js2To Photo: Napa Women's Half Marathon

Winning Hack Weeks

Photo: Kathleen Vignos presenting to Jack Dorsey, Twitter Hackweek 2016 I love hack weeks. I feed on the energy, the buzz, and the creativity during the week and for months after. I thrive on meeting new people from across the company and collaborating together in new ways. And every once in a while, I’m lucky... Continue Reading →

Strategies for creating an environment of continuous learning

I was invited to participate in a LeadDev panel on continuous learning, which is one of my very favorite topics, especially in the context of engineering management. I had a great conversation with Kevin Goldsmith from Anaconda, Tara Ojo from the Financial Times, Kristen Spencer from TWG, and Krishnan Srinivasan from Target. https://twitter.com/TheLeadDev/status/1336996082115612673?s=20 These are... Continue Reading →

Cloud Certification for Managers

A couple of years ago I started working with teams at Twitter working on making public cloud offerings available to our developers, and as part of my ramp up, I started taking Google's Cloud Architect training classes for certification. I recently participated in a webinar about certification where I particularly focused on the value it... Continue Reading →

Why it’s not about your good intentions.

I have had three conversations this very week where I shared direct feedback on problematic behavior, and the theme of the responses has been the same: But that person has good intentions. He/she didn't mean it. He/she just has a rough/tough/{insert cultural reference here} personality. He/she is just misunderstood. He/she is just so passionate about... Continue Reading →

Self-reflection on inclusion and diversity

Given national advocacy for the #blacklivesmatter movement, I'm hearing a lot of folks looking for ways to increase their allyship.   I took some time to reflecting on my own efforts and considered them against Twitter's published Inclusion & Diversity Report.   Previous published targets have aimed to increase workforce representation for under-represented minorities, specifically... Continue Reading →

Interview: Amazing Women in Tech

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Ari Font (@quicola), Director of Engineering in Twitter's Cortex ML Platform (and our New York Site Lead) recently for her #AmazingWomeninTech series, which she kicked off as part of International Women's Day in March. Interview topics include: #yourstory #whatmakesyouyou #yourhurdles #gratitude #success #privilege #empathy #leadership #covid19 At... Continue Reading →

Remote Work Guide

Amazing timely content: The Holloway Guide to Remote Work. I contributed as a reviewer and can say this is the only guide you need for recruiting, managing, supporting, and just being a remote worker. You can tell Holloway has been developing this content for months. And because of the web format, you can search for... Continue Reading →

LinkedIn Top Voices 2019: Software Development

Just found out I made the LinkedIn Top Voices 2019: Software Development list! #9 Kathleen Vignos, Director of Software Engineering, Twitter What she talks about: As an engineering executive at one of the most famous tech companies in the world, Vignos posts about leadership as a way to "encourage and equip" engineers who are making "the hard transition"... Continue Reading →

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