Six years at Twitter, 2016-2022 – Part 1

I took a long, long trip down memory lane over my six incredible years at Twitter. My heart is full of gratitude for the amazing people I met and learned from, and the experiences I was able to have. So much love, so many thanks. ๐Ÿ’™ Tweet highlight reel below!

First day tweet

Meeting Jack at new hire orientation


Playing board games in the Lodge

Organizing TwitterForGood projects at my favorite SF non-profit: 

Dinners out

I wrote a popular article about working at Twitter

Participating in Twitterโ€™s celebration of #internationalwomensday

Hiring and welcoming folks

Running with my boss 

And medaling ๐Ÿ™‚ 


A growing group of Women EMs

Getting in good trouble

Data center tours

Women EMs

Ad Review team outings

BOTS (Business Operations Tools) group dinners

Watching the solar eclipse on the Twitter deck

Ping pong offsite

Security George fangirling

Running the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge with team Twitter

Leadership offsites

Team offsites

White elephant gift exchanges

Talks at conferences (GHC)

Bumping into Tweeps on vacation

More games in the Lodge

Getting conference proposals accepted

Ski day offsite

Twitter take out to feed my family – big help to a working mom!

Helping improve Twitter hiring processes and getting written up in Fast Company:

Conference talks

More Twitter dinners

Twitter for Good – STEM inventor kits

Organizing bake off contests

More WomEM

Infra Auto team dinner

Visiting Twitter offices

Facilitating EM training followed by dinner

Profile pic by my Twitter colleague (and referrer) @jcasts

Asking for new Twitter features

The head of product agrees:  

Lots of #OneTeam meetings in the SF Commons

Women in Platform Engineering dinner

Infra Auto strategic offsite lunch

Laptop stickers

TwitterWomen at MAKERS Conference

Running with Abby Wambach at MAKERS

Helping make a Twitter event (and space) photographer famous

#SheInspiresMe event

Six years at Twitter, 2016-2022 – Part 2

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