Six years at Twitter, 2016-2022 – Part 2

Visting Twitter NYC and attending #SRECon

Escape Rooms

Working with GCP as one of our cloud vendors

Director’s offsite in Colorado

WomEM dinners


Director offsite at the Zen center

Deprecating and deleting old software

Surviving major outages

Supporting eng apprentices

Lots of hiring

Attending intern presentations and supporting interns

Women EM dinner – see us growing!

Studying for Google Cloud Architect Certification

Celebrating Twitterversaries

Speaking at conferences

Supporting remote hiring and remote work

Sponsoring a Tech Woman from Morocco (Rachida – @KhtiraR)

Engineering manager training followed by dinner

My first four woman reporting chain!

Visiting Twitter offices (NY)

C-level lattes

Celebrating launches with distributed cake

Deprecating more software, and celebrating with deprecation cake

Visiting Twitter offices (Seattle)

EMD dinner

SRE Meetup

Allies wielding their power for good

Tweep appreciation tweets

Experimenting with APIs at home

Six years at Twitter, 2016-2022 – Part 3

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