Six years at Twitter, 2016-2022 – Part 3

#OneTeam happiness

Working with globally distributed teams

Amazing engineers


Helping send people to TED

Crossing paths at multiple companies

Getting teased by our head of engineering

Blackbirds events

Covid usage spike, reliability, and service continuity

Contributing to the Remote Work Guide

Speaking at virtual conferences

Interviewed for Amazing Women in Tech series

Experimenting with remote/distributed team activities


Days off to protest

Learning how to be anti-racist

Supporting inclusive code language

Working through the apocalypse

More hiring

Encouraging Google Cloud certification

Sending folks team branded swag

Sending work from home presents

Celebrating No Meeting Fridays

CentOS hyperscale SIG

Winning Twitter hack week

Reducing interview bias

Coming back to the office after the pandemic shutdowns

Twitter office visits – Boulder

Kubernetes Cluster API 

SF Tweep Up – first in-person event after pandemic shutdowns

Festive decorations in the Commons

Women EM dinner

Shoutout from Parag

Working with talented engineers

April and May 2022 were hard

Panel discussing Managing Through Uncertainty

BigQuery for HDFS datasets

Vintage video game tour team activity

Team lunch

Last day in the office

Farewell happy hour

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